About Radius Business

Our mission is to build better businesses. We engage with organisations across the Public Sector, Blue Chip and Mid-Tier firms, as well as with entrepreneurs. We do this by showing the tangible improvements to be made in employee engagement, talent and business development when diversity and inclusion (D&I) activities are brought into the heart of an organisation.


The Radius Network connects across organisations with individuals who come from a diverse range of backgrounds, yet are all interested in building their careers and knowledge of business topics. The organisations involved with us benefit by being able to share best practice and drive new revenue streams. In particular, we have strong connections to LGBT and D&I leadership communities.

As well as the Radius Network, we also lead programmes to focus management boards and a diverse range of staff across organisations on solving key business and diversity and inclusion problems. Throughout each programme we aim to show the link between investment in diversity and inclusion activities and business value, as well as creating a truly inclusive workspace for all.

Radius was founded by Matt Parsons and Patrick Voss in 2011. Matt's background is in running successful events for a range of corporations, public sector bodies and LGBT groups. Patrick has worked in marketing, business development and strategy facilitation for large corporations.


What is the Radius Network?

The best networks provide a friendly environment in which to meet like-minded individuals, creating opportunities to make useful connections for the longer-term and for those attending to generate ideas and business opportunities. We aim to excel in all three areas. Our network includes guests from small and medium-sized businesses, Blue Chip corporations and the Public Sector. Radius is here to help you and members of your organisation meet others with a similar mindset and for you to develop strong, long-lasting business relationships. Our core membership is drawn from the LGBT community and its straight allies. The focus at Radius Network events will always be on providing a supportive and non-discriminatory environment for everyone.


What events do we hold?

We hold a variety of different events throughout the year. Please see the Home Page for more information on upcoming events or view the 'Our Groups' page to see the different types of events we organise. For each event, we produce a Radius Profile Directory, which gives details of the members and guests attending. When you register with Radius, the details you provide are used for this directory.


Why might I want to attend an event?

Some people enjoy networking, others do not. Equally, many people feel pressure to ‘sell’ or to come back with fantastic leads from the networking events they attend. At Radius, we aim to provide an environment where the emphasis is more on finding like-minded people with whom you can have an interesting conversation, rather than purely selling products or services. In our experience, most opportunities arise when you meet people over a period of time and get to know them.

We can help your organisation support its internal LGBT communities in building networks and making contacts across a range of other skill-sets or industries. Not all members of staff are comfortable being open about their private lives at work, so for some, attending an independent network is more appealing. We are also keen to help LGBT networks move from being more 'social' and policy based, to showing that strong connections made via the community can bring wider business, organisational and personal benefits.


Thank you

We recognise that a network is only as strong as those who are engaged with it. We would like to thank all of our members from SMEs, Blue Chip corporations and the Public Sector who have supported Radius so far and helped it become the network it is today. We look forward to continuing to support your networks, helping them grow and develop, whilst delivering the high standard of professional service you have come to expect from us.