Business Travel

Air Partner is a world-class air charter company which has been operating for over 50 years providing any type of aircraft, for every conceivable mission, in every country in the world.

With offices spanning Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, we operate a full 24/7 flight operations centre to give our clients instant access to our air charter services whenever and wherever they need them.

And because we have been in business longer than anyone else, our team of aviation professionals regularly organise some of the most complex civil aviation operations flown in the world today. New missions are launched at a moment’s notice. Key personnel are flown into and out of the most obscure or challenging airports.

From emergency planning to outsized or high value cargo, from commercial charter to luxury private jet hire, only Air Partner has the experience, the expertise, the global reach and the financial strength to deliver what you need to deliver.

Our Services


The JetCard

The original JetCard; total flexibility, hassle-free convenience, style and comfort with only 24 hours’ notice.

The Corporate Card

Our new card programme; designed to deliver the JetCard service with enhanced value for users flying day-return flights from a regular base airport.

On Demand Private Jet Charter

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of private jet charter, one flight at a time. No commitment beyond that. Simply pay as you go.

Commercial Aircraft Charter

Hiring a commercial jet for 20 passengers or more, gives you the flexibility and access to airports not serviced by scheduled services. There are also endless branding opportunities to increase the success of your event or programme.

Air Partner Travel Management

A bespoke travel agency, a BA and Virgin preferred supplier organising individual and group scheduled flying and any other travel requirements including hotel accommodation.

Whatever your travel requirement, contact us today to experience effortless travel: +44 207 5382273